Yotta 5000 UV LED Hybrid Roll to Roll & Flatbed Printer

Yotta YD H5000KJ 5 metre wide UV LED curing hybrid printer

This LED UV Hybrid roll to roll and flatbed LED curing printer has a print width of 5000mm, and a print height of 50mm. With advanced Kyocera KJ4A inkjet printheads enable it to print attractive 3D and embossed effects onto a wide range of substrates, both rigid and flexible materials: glass, metal, wood, plastic sheet, acrylic, KT, PVC, fabric, and more.

  • High print resolution of up to 635×2400dpi, allowing you to create amazing prints
  • Fast print speed, 144M²per hour can be achieved in high-speed mode, meeting fast production requirement
  • 5.0M ultra large print width, more flexible in terms of the material size, can print two-up rolls of media 2.5M wide
  • Flatbed printing and roll to roll printing function, suitable for rigid and flexible materials, more business opportunities
  • Print CMYK, Lc, Lm, white ink, able to create exquisite 3D, embossed special effect

YD-H5000KJ UV LED Hybrid Printer that prints up to 5000mm (16 feet) wide. Prints on rigid media: Corrugated board, PVC, Glass Metal, Plastics, Acrylics, Ceramics, Wood and more.

Prints on flexible media: Canvas, PVC Film, Paper, Plastic Films, Fabrics, Leather, Vinyl and more, please enquire if not listed.

The Yotta YD-H5000KJ 5000mm UV LED Hybrid Printer is available for immediate order, please contact Mayday Graphic Products to arrange a demonstration or, request print samples.

For further information, please contact the Mayday Office: 01284 701 571 -
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For further information, please contact the Mayday Office: 01284 701 571.

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