Roll-On - Large Format Media Roll Lifter

Low profile on a roll media lifter

Move heavy large format media rolls safely and easily, simplify your media handling with the 'On a Roll Lifter'. Comes with a foot pump for effortless lifting as well as a comfortable solid steel handle for ease of manoeuvring extra long media rolls in tight spaces.

Rotating caster wheels are used for transport and can be secured in place with a step-on lock. Included with the model are two nylon safety straps, which allow you to safely load the media roll and keep it secured while moving.

Designed to support media as heavy as 660 lb, this Low Profile Model of the On-A-Roll Lifter has a smaller bottom fork clearance and a cutout on its tray to avoid floor-mounted brackets. Designed to work well with HP Latex 1500, 3100 and 3500 printers.
The curved, roll tray, keeps media steady when moving the lifter, making moving media around safer for pressroom personel.

It features a maximum lift height of 838mm (33 inches), and supports rolls as wide as  5 meters
(16.4 feet) with a maximum diameter of  400mm (15.75 inches).