JETRIX RX 5000 Roll-to-Roll Printer

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Information, price and finance quote for the super wide, very fast Large Format JETRIX RX 5000 UV flatbed inkjet printer. The Jetrix RX 5000 can print Indoor & Outdoor graphics faster & more efficiently at up to 1440 dpi.

Similar to the other superwide Jetrix RX3200, the RX5000 has 16 Konica Minolta KM series 14pl printheads and is available in 4 colour and 8 colour: CMYK, light cyan, light magenta, light yellow and light black.

The super wide JETRIX RX5000 has been designed to deliver rapid speeds to ensure jobs are produced more efficiently and faster than ever before. Offering more applications and lower operational costs this 5.0m Roll to Roll UV printer sets a new quality standard for indoor and outdoor applications.

The NEW JETRIX RX5000 is one of the most productive of the JETRIX UV printer whose design is modeled on the high speed and high precision printing concept.

Supplied with KONICA KM1024(14PL) heads, it achieves, outstanding print quality of up to 1440dpi. a performance that sets new quality standards for indoor and outdoor banner printing. Produce jobs more efficiently and faster than before, offer more applications, whilst reducing operating costs.

Jetrix RX5000 - Brochure Download

Availability and pricing - the JETRIX range of Large & Wide Format UV inkjet flatbed and roll-to-roll printers: LXRi320 UV LED | LXi8 UV LED | LX5 UV LED | KX3 | KX5 / KX5-R | KX6 | KX6UV LED | KX7 / KX7-D / KX7-R | RX3200 | RX320G | RX5000 are available for immediate order - finance is available subject to status - call for a quote today.


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