Jetrix RX3200 UV Roll-to-Roll

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JETRIX RX3200 - a high speed 169 sm per hour, super wide format UV roll-to-roll inkjet printer for printing outdoor banners - information, price and finance quote.

All Jetrix UV printers come with a two year manufacturer's warranty

The JETRIX RX3200 is a super wide and super fast, roll-to-roll UV printer capable of printing on media, up to 3.2 meters wide and has been designed to achieve rapid speeds while at the same time maintaining a high quality, precision output.

It comes equipped with KONICA KM1024 (14 picolitre) print heads and achieves, outstanding print quality of up to 1440dpi using InkTec’s own UV ink with excellent adhesion and vibrant colours.

Commercial wide format printers will be amazed at the RX3200's performance, defining a new quality standard for indoor and outdoor graphic applications. Produce print jobs faster and, more importantly, more efficiently that before, while at the same time offering increased applications and lower operating costs.

One of the big benefits of the KX7 is the multi-layer print function that is built in, to the easy-to-use operating system. This clever and helpful time-saving feature allows the machine minder to schedule the print in layers instead of having to do multiple passes.

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