Jetrix LXi8 LED UV
Stunning speed, 206 sq meters p/h

LXi8 LED-UV Q-Specs

RX 3200

Jetrix RX3200 roll to roll
Super fast & Super Wide up to 3.2m

RX3200 Q-Specs


Jetrix RX320 G roll to roll
Entry Level Super Wide up to 3.2m

RX320G Q-Specs


Jetrix KX6 flat bed roll to roll
High Output - Indoor & Outdoor Signs

KX6 Q-Specs


Jetrix LX5 LED flat bed UV inkjet
Prints on Substrates up to 100mm Thick

LX5 LED-UV Q-Specs


Jetrix KX5 flat bed roll to roll
1440dpi Printing Speed Up to 30sqm ph

KX5 Q-Specs

RX 5000

Jetrix RX5000 roll to roll
Indoor & Outdoor Signs up to 1440 dpi

RX5000 Q-Specs


Jetrix KX3 flat bed UV inkjet
Compact UV for Standard POS Signage

KX3 Q-Specs

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