AEG Sprinter High Speed Single Pass UV Printer

AEG Sprinter high speed packaging printer

AEG Sprinter prints 70 linear meters per minute! - Equivalent of 20,000 A4 sheets (or over 14,000 A3 sheets) per hour.

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With printing speeds of up to 70 linear meters per minute, the Sprinter single-pass printing platform provides an affordable digital solution for packaging producers requiring efficient, print-to-order capabilities, for both short and longer runs, the Sprinter is suitable for corrugated substrate, labelling, signage and many other printed advertising applications.

Featuring customisable printing widths, media sizes, media handling options, quality modes and colour configurations, including options for printing white and clear varnish, the Sprinter platform can be scaled up or down to fit different cost and functionality requirements.

Just-in-time digital printing means avoiding the setup costs associated with traditional analogue printing methods, as well as reducing storage and waste, whilst providing the added benefits of incorporating variable data and late-stage customisations.

Whilst the AEG Sprinter has been designed with short, fast runs in mind, the platform can also handle larger printing requirements with equal robustness and efficiency.

Fully customisable, the Sprinter is thus ideal for a wide range of applications - from corrugated packaging to temporary signage, or point of sale displays to labelling; every Sprinter is built to order and adapted specifically to each customer’s requirements.

The Sprinter platform achieves its high speed by keeping printheads in a fixed position during printing. The affordability and versatility of the platform, however, is a result of being able to then reposition the printheads between print runs. This innovative combination means that a much larger media width can be printed across using a smaller, repositionable printing area.


Benefits to printers

  • Designed as a true combination system, that offers robust flat-bed and roll-fed throughput, the real versatility of the AEG Voyager Pro UV-curable series lies in the ink options that are available and configurable according to user requirement.
  • The base ink-set of CMYK can be enhanced with a light cyan and light magenta, with the option of channels for white and metallic, plus the addition of clear varnish if required.
  • Additionally, orange and green or violet and red can be integrated for users who require these alternatives as part of their work-flow preferences, colour accuracy criteria and final output requirements.
  • All revisions to enhance original ink-sets or increase the number of installed ink channels are designed to be fully field-upgradeable at the customer site for convenience, with minimal down-time during change-over.

360 & 600 Series

*Maximum printing width(s) 70, 140 [...] 420+ mm 108, 216 [...] 432+ mm
*Repositionable printing area(s) Yes Yes
*Maximum media dimensions Customisable Customisable
*Maximum media thickness 100+ mm 100+ mm
*Maximum printing speed 1 Up to 50 m / min Up to 70 m / min
*Native resolution 360 x 360 dpi 600 x 600 dpi
*Maximum resolution 360 x 720 dpi 600 x 1200 dpi
*Droplet volumes 6 - 84 pl 3 - 13 pl
*Colour channels 2 1 to 12 1 to 12
*LED UV-curing Optional Optional
*White ink option 3 Yes Yes
*Metallic ink option 3 Yes Yes
*Clear ink option 3 Yes Yes
*Upgradeable on-site Yes Yes
Head-crash prevention Included Included
Air compressor Included Included
Power requirements 4 380 Vac (3Ø)
50 Hz 32 A
380 Vac (3Ø)
50 Hz 32 A
Ambient temperature 20 - 30 °C 20 - 30 °C
Ambient humidity 30%-80% non cond. 30%-80% non cond.
CE certification Yes Yes
* customisable
1 maximum speed is given at the native resolution and may vary based on the selected printing mode.        
2 maximum number of field-upgradeable colour channels, including process and spot channels.        
3 optional spot channels may require printing at a lower than the maximum speed or resolution.        
4 our printing equipment is supplied with a standard IP44 five-pin connector and requires a clean Earth.

Finance available subject to status.