Acuity 3200 R LED UV

Fujifilm Acuity 3200 R LED UV

New from Fujifilm the latest Acuity 3200 LED R Wide Format printer has a print width up to 3.2m, takes media weighing up to 100 kilos (220 lbs) and can handle the printing of two rolls at the same time.

The Acuity LED 3200R is set to build on the success of the Acuity range by extending the print width to 3.2m, and further increasing print speeds along with the ability to print on a wide range of roll and rigid media.

With a top speed of 110m2 per hour* (1,184 ft2/hr), the Acuity LED 3200R satisfies customer demands for faster job turnarounds and lower output costs, whilst retaining the outstanding print quality that has come to be expected of the Acuity LED 1600 series.

The printer features eight ink channels as standard (cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light cyan, light magenta, white and clear) and utilises Fujifilm’s renowned Uvijet ink range to reproduce an incredibly wide range of colours with smooth gradations, while ensuring superb ink adhesion to a wide range of substrates.

With consistent vibrant colours that have high opacity for optimal results in day and night time applications, plus instant-curing UV inks enable multi-layer printing that reproduces high-quality graphics with two-layer or three-layer printing.

The addition of a clear ink means high gloss spot varnish effects can also be created, enabling sign and display printers to produce real added value print.

Printing Benefits

With outstanding image quality and excellent adhesion to a broad range of materials you can produce an amazing variety of printed products for distance and close-viewing.

  • Produce point of sale graphics, indoor signage, industrial graphics and product decoration, printing direct to rigid media
  • Print on PVC, polycarbonate, styrene, acrylic, paper, board, wood, aluminium composite and many other materials
  • Create proofs for a customer which are identical to the production run
  • Print stunning color images: greyscale print heads vary dot size to produce high definition and smooth graduations (in skin tones for example). Uvijet UV inks produce vibrant images and enable you to match a wide range of brand and spot colours
  • Use clear ink to add impact using a spot or flood clear with uniform finish (Acuity Advance Select 6 and 8 color models only)
  • Use white ink to produce images on transparent or colored materials
  • Print color-white-color layers in one pass for two-sided images on transparent materials
  • Print stunning backlit images direct to transparent media
  • Optional ionizing bar to reduce the effects of static on some synthetic materials
  • Excellent image quality uniformity through full print-bed mapping
  • Double strike white capability for extra-high opacity and ultra smooth whites
  • Two additional cyan and magenta color channels maintain excellent image quality at high print speeds
    (Acuity Advance Select 8 channel or Select HS 6 channel models only)

The Acuity 3200 LED R is available for immediate order from Mayday Graphic Products

*Finance is available subject to status