Fotoba XLD 170 Digital Print Cutter

Fotoba XLD170 digital print cutter

New from Fotoba the XLD 170 is the most flexible of all cutters from Fotoba, designed to work with both ROLLS and SHEETS, it is the perfect cutting solution for flexible media output up to 1700 mm (67inches) wide.

Intelligent cutting - the XLD 170 will automatically re-align itself to the edge of the printed image. If the printer fails to print parallel to the media edge, or if the printer fails to wind up the roll squarely, the XLD170 True Edge Tracking system always produces perfectly square output.

Wide range of materials - the XLD 170 cutters can handle most flexible media up to a maximum thickness of 0,8mm (32ml) including polycarbonate, photo paper, vinyl, self-adhesive vinyl, PVC, film, duratrans, TDF, canvas, laminated or encapsulated prints and much more.

In addition to the Standard XLD 170, there are three other models to choose from, the XLD 170 E, XLD 170 HS & XLD 170WP.

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