Low Tack Neutral Sealer - 2.5 litres (_JSHOP_EAN: DFSFOPVN2.5)

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Low Tack Neutral Sealer - 2.5 litres
Very popular with Litho printers this duct fed varnish comes in 3 sizes, the 2.5-litre tin can only be ordered online.
1 pcs. - 25 pcs. £9.95 / pcs.

Neutral Varnish - 2.5 litre tin (only the 2.5lt tin can be ordered online) - duct fed available comes in 3 sizes - tin, cartridge and drum.
We sell pallet loads of this very popular varnish.

This Neutral sealer is very effective in preventing marking and scuffing during cutting, creasing and bindery processes, and is recommend as a ‘problem solving’ coating.

More information needed, or to order the sizes (tub & tube) - call Clive Allum, Pressroom Products Manager - 07557 281 479.

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