Sonora XP Plates

Kodak Sonora no process litho printing plate

Sonora XP - process free litho printing plate, the latest processless Litho printing plate from Kodak.

The SONORA XP Process Free plate (how it works video) plate from Kodak is a thermal plate that requires no plate processing or chemistry, and uses Kodak’s press ready technology that allows the plate to go directly from platesetter to press with no processing.

  • Free from chemistry
  • Free from processing costs and variability
  • Free to be more profitable and sustainable

The plate offers fast imaging speeds with laser energy required of 150 mJ/cm2 on KODAK SQUARESPOT Imaging Devices, so printers can, in most cases, take advantage of the maximum throughput speed of their platesetter.

The plate is capable of run lengths up to 200K impressions on heatset and commercial coldset web presses, 100K impressions on sheetfed presses, 50K impressions for non-UV offset packaging applications and 10K impressions for UV-ink applications.

With SONORA XP Plates, in almost all cases, a printer’s current press setups, sequences, inks, fountain solutions, and blankets can be used successfully. Press ready technology also works with integrated and non integrated conventional and continuous dampening systems and for printers with automatic startup sequences.

Kodak Sonora XP - Brochure Download - View Video


Professional Print Capabilities

  • Impressive quality (1-99% @ 200 lpi)
  • Strong print performance including 200,000 run length capability for web presses
  • Full range of gauges including 0.40 mm and VLF size capability

Reduce Your Operational Costs and Environmental Impact

  • Remove all chemistry, water, equipment, energy, and waste related to the processing or clean out step
  • Free prepress from time spent rebatching, cleaning, and maintaining processors or clean out units

Gain Operational Efficiencies

  • Achieve better process control by eliminating all processing variables
  • Improve your productivity with fast imaging capability
  • Streamline plate making by removing processors

Increase the Value of Your Print

  • Differentiate the quality of your printwork with FM 20 stochastic capability
  • Increase your environmental credentials both in prepress and in the pressroom
  • Print with types of jobs that define "green" or "sustainable" print, including recycled stocks and IPA free founts

With mainstream productivity, quality, and run length capability, the only things you have to lose with SONORA XP Plates are your processor and chemistry.