Electra Max

Kodak Electra Max - non-bake, low chemistry Litho printing plate features better long run lengths and replaces the previous, Trillian plate.Kodak Electra Max low chemistry litho printing plate

The operating cycle for plate processors using the MAX plate is also much longer, using the Electra Max plate means cleaning can be performed once every six or eight weeks. This adds up to more eco-friendly plate making with lower costs for chemistry and disposal.

Kodak Electra MAX - Brochure Download


  • Maximum Chemical Resistance and can achieve up to 150,000 impressions unbaked for UV, H-UV and LED-UV applications, the Electra MAX plate offers excellent chemical resistance and on-press durability - without postbaking.
  • Maximum unbaked run lengths improve productivity on press saving energy and cost of baking.
  • Increased sustainability with longer developer cycles and low chemistry usage. Uses existing processing equipment (subject to survey) no need to buy an expensive, specialised processor, cheaper to run, baking ovens are not required.