Fujifilm Superia ZP No-Process Litho Plate

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The Superia is a high-performance processless CTP plate for commercial litho printers.

Fujifilm’s NEW Superia ZP plate replaces their previous PRO T3 no process plate, and designed to give litho printers plate quality and simplicity, helping to maximise offset printing efficiency. Manufactured using advanced layering technology, it delivers excellent results and brings important environmental credentials to the Pressroom.

Processless plate production represents the simplest way to make plates. Once the plate has been imaged in a platesetter, you can mount it directly on the press. There’s no need for a processor, and its associated chemistry. And you’ll save on energy required to power the processor, along with water and waste from plate production.

Lower Carbon Footprint

For a plate, the product life cycle analysis applies to all component parts of the production. With the Superia ZP, there is complete elimination of the processor, associated chemistry, energy required to power the processor, water and waste from plate production. By removing all these aspects of processing, the reduction in the overall carbon footprint, and therefore impact on the environment, is significant.

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