Superia PRO V Low Chemistry CtP Litho Plate

Fujifilm Superia PRO V low chemistry CtP litho plate

The Superia Pro V litho printing plate is a violet low chemistry CTP plate designed for medium to long-run commercial print applications, the plate can be used with UV inks unbaked.

Chemistry consumption is considerably reduced when used with Fujifilm low chemistry finishing units.
The removal of chemical replenishment and the unique formulation of the developer means a much cleaner bath, that means simpler maintenance and easier cleaning.


The combination of the very latest plate and chemistry technologies, together with a state-of-the-art Fujifilm finishing unit, result in industry-leading chemistry and water use figures. Fujifilm low-chemistry systems provide benchmark solutions for improving environmental and printing performance.

Lower chemistry consumption - chemistry consumption can be reduced to around 400 litres, a reduction of over 70% (depending upon existing system used).

Lower water use and minimal waste - Superia PRO-V does not require a post exposure rinse, just a simple water top up to the developer chemistry is needed, which means waste production is also considerably reduced.

Higher consistent quality - Superia PRO-V combines the benefits of low-chemistry CTP with the proven low cost of ownership of violet imaging.

Easier maintenance - The removal of chemical replenishment and the unique formulation of the developer results in a much cleaner bath which means simpler maintenance regime and easier cleaning.

Fujifilm Superia PRO V - Brochure Download

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