Fujifilm Superia LH-PJE Low Chemistry Litho Plate

Fujifilm Superia LH-PJE CtP litho plates

The Superia LH-PJE ia a positive working, thermal low chemistry CTP plate for medium-run commercial print applications that can also be used with UV inks, either unbaked or baked.

  • Suitable for ultra-high quality print applications, including 10 micron FM10 screening.
  • Can be used with UV inks with or without baking.
  • Take advantage of all the benefits of Fujifilm low chemistry plate production systems, when used with a Fujifilm 'ZAC' capable processor, lower chemistry usage, lower processor maintenance, lower waste production, a cleaner working environment and better stability.

Fujifilm Superia LH-PJE - Brochure Download  - Also see Superia LH-PLE - Brochure

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