Low Tack Clear Neutral Sealer

Druckfarben low tack neutral sealer

Clear neutral sealer for litho printers, specially developed for over-printing and sealing of printed papers and boards - *£10.42 per 2.5 litre tin - order online.

Druckvarnish Neutral Sealer developed by Druckfarben whose specialist knowledge of inks, varnishes and sealers have helped commercial litho printers in the UK and throughout the world achieve outstanding printed results enabling them to produce greater print quality for their customers.
Formulated by Druckfarben using their new high molecular weight resin technology, this neutral sealer has good body characteristics, superior flow properties and qualities, critical for litho printing.
A special un-pigmented oil based sealer / coating developed by Druckfarben to be an un-noticeable and inconspicuous over varnish that protects litho printed products from rubbing and abrasion on matt coated papers and boards. This Neutral sealer is above all, very effective in preventing marking and scuffing during cutting, creasing and bindery processes, and is recommend as a ‘problem solving’ coating.

Neutral Sealer - Datasheet Download

  • If you have any questions about sealers & coatings please call Clive Allum, Pressroom Products Manager on: 01284 701 571.


  • Works best when used on perfector presses due to its excellent machine and lithographic stability.
  • Will not skin in the duct if left overnight under normal operating conditions and dries to give a satin finish on printed substrates.
  • Quick setting sealer offers very good rub resistance and greater non-yellowing properties on printed products.
  • Recommended for use where UV varnishing and additional print finishing has been specified.

* this product is subject to a manufacturers surcharge which is currently 8% included in the price but can change without notice.