Fujifilm Washmax litho chemistry

WashMax manufactured by Fujifilm offers thorough roller & blanket washes, but is better for the environment.

Increased environmental legislation means Litho printers need greener and safer washing solutions that have good and effective cleaning properties for blankets, rollers and other press parts.

Fujifilm to meet the demand developed WashMax a range of cleaning products that includes VOC (volatile organics compounds that evaporate quickly) free washes that minimise the environmental impact commonly associated with solvent based Litho press washing proceddures, yet still provide a dry blanket after cleaning.

The benefits of using WashMax include a healthier working environment, plus an absolute minimum of wastage following machine re-start. As wash-filtration steadily grows in demand, the WashMax range also comprises solutions engineered for multi-use when used in a controlled filtration process.

Achieving better removal of ink and paper build-up, washes are water-miscible and meet the strict material compatibility and corrosion protection guidelines of FOGRA.

Important information on the delivery of Litho printing plate chemistry.
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