Fujifilm FCT-E13 Printing Plate Replenisher

Fujifilm litho printing plate chemistry

Manufactured for use with Fujifilm Brillia HD LH-PJE and LH-PIE Litho printing plates can be used by other plate processing machines.

Ready to use formulation Replenisher for use with FCT-E12 Developer when used with Brillia HD LH-PJE and LH-PIE plates. Safety Datasheet download.

Important information on the delivery of Litho printing plate chemistry.
Please call for orders.


Low replenishment rates
Lower replenishment volumes means less chemical waste and therefore lower waste management costs.

Aqueous based developer FCT-E13 Developer Replenisher is a water based chemical with good environmental properties. This results in easier chemical disposal. Easy to use FCT-E13 Replenisher comes in Ready-to-Use bottles, eliminating the need for mixing and reducing the possibility for error.