B2 4 Up CtP - PlateRite PT-R4600

Screen PlateRite 4600 B2 CtP platesetter

The PlateRite 4600E is an affordable, entry-level platesetter, which will provide printers with the most cost-effective way of incorporating the latest high-quality thermal CtP technology into their business and is upgradeable all the way to a PlateRite 4600Z which has a productivity of 33pph.

With increased flexibility in format support and even greater plate productivity, 33 plates per hour at 2540 dpi, the PlateRite 4600Z is ideally suited to meet the requirements of even the most demanding printer. The PlateRite 4600E/S/Z inherit all the features that have won the PlateRite series its reputation for high quality, high accuracy, and high reliability. This makes it a singularly attractive choice for the small or medium size printer with B3, B2 plus presses looking to enter the CtP market. Together with SPEKTA 2, which is Screen’s hybrid FM/AM screening technique, this is a CtP package that will set standards in quality and productivity.

  • Versatile, easy to use and output suitable for 2-page or 4-page presses
  • Auto-balance for different plate sizes
  • Create the ideal CtP environment with a simple upgrade
  • Optional inline punching and automated plate loading
  • Autoloader options

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New high-end model delivers outstanding performance for 4-page thermal CtP systems!

SCREEN's new PlateRite 4600Z, S and E CtP systems enable consistent production of high-quality printing plates.
The high-end PlateRite 4600Z delivers an impressive throughput of up to 33 plates per hour. The exposure heads used in the PlateRite 4600 series have been enhanced with the addition of new fiber laser diodes.

These diodes enable the reproduction of sharper halftone dots, significantly improving print quality.
All systems can also be equipped with a small size option that supports minimum plate size of 270 x 330 mm (10.7" x 13").*
This option provides greater flexibility when using letterpress and a wide range of other media.
* The minimum plate size available with the standard specification is 324 x 330 mm (12.8" x 13").


Auto-balance lets you use different sized plates without making any manual adjustments for correct drum balance.
All you do is select the type of plate you want to use and the PlateRite 4300S and PlateRite 4300E automatically make the necessary adjustments to create perfect drum balance for each plate size.
The PlateRite 4300S and PlateRite 4300E also feature separate loading and unloading bays, so that one plate can be readied for loading while another is being exposed.

Wider Range of Plate Sizes

Improved support for small size plates (optional)
The newly available small size option supports minimum plate size of 270 x 330 mm (10.7" x 13"). This option provides increased flexibility when using letterpress systems.
Some limitations apply with this option. Please contact your nearest SCREEN sales representative for further details.

CtP environment with a simple upgrade

For the ideal environment for your increased productivity needs, you can upgrade your PlateRite 4600E to the PlateRite 4600S or even PlateRite 4600Z* by simply exchanging parts required for the PlateRite 4600E.
This reduces wasted expenses and improves the operational efficiency of your platesetter.

* Please see the specifications sheet for information on the resolutions available when upgrading to the PlateRite 4600S and Z.

Autoloader options

SA-L4600 single-cassette autoloader (option)
The SAL - Single Auto Loader - option for the PlateRite 4600E/S/Z allows automatic loading from a single cassette.
- Up to 100 plates online
- Extra cassettes with trolley available
- Automatic paper removal
- Easy "Plate remake" facility

MA-L4600 multi-cassette autoloader (option)
The MAL - Multi Auto Loader option is designed for 3 cassettes to be online, enabling 3 different plate sizes, achieving a maximum capacity of 300 CtP plates. At full productivity the PlateRite 4600Z can operate for many hours unattended.
- Up to 300 plates online
- Unattended operation for over 17 hours
- 3 different plate sizes
- Easy "Plate remake" facility



Product name PlateRite 4600Z PlateRite 4600S PlateRite 4600E
Recording system Recording system External drum
Light source 64-channel fiber laser diodes 32-channel fiber laser diodes 16-channel fiber laser diodes
Plate sizes Plate sizes Maximum 830 × 660 mm (32.6" × 25.9"); Minimum 324 × 330 mm (12.8" × 13") (Compatible with a 270 × 330 mm [10.7" × 13"] minimum plate size as a factory option)*1
Exposure size Exposure size 830 × 636 mm (32.6" × 25") (12 mm [0.5"] leading/trailing edge clamps)
Media Media Thermal aluminum plate
Media thickness Media thickness 0.15 to 0.3 mm (5.9 to 11.8 mil)
Resolutions Resolutions 1,200*2 /2,400/2,438/2,540 dpi
Repeatability Repeatability ±5 microns*3
Productivity 33 plates/hr at 2,400 dpi (724 × 615 mm / 28.5" × 24.2")*4 21 plates/hr at 2,400 dpi (724 × 615 mm / 28.5" × 24.2")*4 11 plates/hr at 2,400 dpi (724 × 615 mm / 28.5" × 24.2")*4
Interface Gigabit Ethernet
Plate transport Plate transport Manual (standard), semi-automatic (optional), fully-automatic (optional), plate transport system (optional)
Punch systems Punch systems SCREEN, Heidelberg, Heidelbach W, Protocol, Komori and others
Dimensions (W × D × H) Dimensions (W × D × H) 1,985 × 1,315 × 1,300 mm (78.2" × 51.8" × 51.2") (including internal blower unit and feed tray)
Weight Weight 830 kg (1,826 lb) (including internal blower unit and feed tray)
Power requirements Power requirements Single phase 200 to 240 V, 15 A, 3.6 kW (including internal blower unit and autoloader)
Environment Recommended: 21 to 25°C (69.8 to 77°F)
Required: 18 to 26°C (64.4 to 78.8°F)
Relative humidity: 40 to 70% (no condensation)
Options SA-L4600 single-cassette autoloader, MA-L4600 multi-cassette autoloader, plate transport system (built-in bridge), connection kit for SA-L/MA-L4300II,
support for small size plates (270 × 330 mm / 10.7" × 13")*1, signal tower, air filter unit (AF-180N)
*1. Some limitations apply. Please contact your nearest SCREEN sales representative for further details.
*2. 1,200 dpi uses 2,400 dpi double dots.    
*3. Over four consecutive exposures on one plate at 35°C (95°F) and 60% relative humidity.
*4. Productivity may vary depending upon media sensitivity.  
■Autoloader specifications (SA-L4600 single-cassette autoloader, MA-L4600 multi-cassette autoloader)
Product name SA-L4600 MA-L4600  
Plate transport Fully-automatic (automatic interleaf paper removal)  
Total cassette capacity 100 plates 300 plates  
No. of cassettes 1 3  
Dimensions (W × D × H) 1,395 × 1,735 × 1,027 mm (55" × 68.4" × 40.5") 2,590 × 1,735 × 1,027 mm (102" × 68.4" × 40.5")  
Weight Approx. 340 kg (748 lb) Approx. 765 kg (1,683 lb)  
Power requirements Supplied by main unit  
Environment Recommended: 21 to 25°C (69.8 to 77°F)  
Required: 18 to 26°C (64.4 to 78.8°F)  
Relative humidity: 40 to 70% (no condensation)  
Standard accessories Interleaf paper disposal box, carrier-type cassette Interleaf paper disposal box  
Options Additional carrier-type cassettes  
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