Luxel T9800 CtP B1 Platesetters

Fujifilm Luxel T 9800 CtP platesetter

Suitable for high resolution and fine screen printing 1200dpi to 4000dpi resolutions.

The Luxel T-9800CTP HD-N series is the latest generation of 8 page plate setters from Fujifilm, comes in three versions with better productivity, with the top model achieving 70 plates per hour, providing 17 sets of 4 colour plates per hour.
Luxel T-9800CTP HDN-E 36 plates p/hour - Luxel T-9800CTP HDN-S 48 plates p/hour - Luxel T-9800CTP HDN-X 70 plates p/hour.

  • Productivity options: from 36 to 70 plates per hourFull automation possible with single and multi-autoloader
  • Uses GLV technology for best quality image output
  • Improved data connection via Gigabit Ethernet
  • Maximum plate size: 1165 x 950mm
  • Online punch option: Maximum 12 units with up to 6 sets of punches

Fujifilm Luxel T9800 - Brochure & Overview Download