Luxel T9800 CtP B1 Platesetters

Fujifilm Luxel T 9800 CtP platesetter

Suitable for high resolution and fine screen printing 1200dpi to 4000dpi resolutions.

The Luxel T-9800CTP HD-N series is the latest generation of 8 page plate setters from Fujifilm, comes in three versions with better productivity, with the top model achieving 70 plates per hour, providing 17 sets of 4 colour plates per hour.
Luxel T-9800CTP HDN-E 36 plates p/hour - Luxel T-9800CTP HDN-S 48 plates p/hour - Luxel T-9800CTP HDN-X 70 plates p/hour.

  • Productivity options: from 36 to 70 plates per hourFull automation possible with single and multi-autoloader
  • Uses GLV technology for best quality image output
  • Improved data connection via Gigabit Ethernet
  • Maximum plate size: 1165 x 950mm
  • Online punch option: Maximum 12 units with up to 6 sets of punches

Fujifilm Luxel T9800 - Brochure & Overview Download


High speed plate production

The top of the range Luxel T-9800CTP HD-NX model can achieve at least 17 sets of 4 colour plates per hour reducing plate making and production times.

Full and flexible plate automation

A range of automation options exist to meet specific production, space and budget requirements.

Highest quality plate imaging

The latest GLV (Grating Light Valve) laser technology ensures excellent image quality while providing consistent plate quality.

Wide plate size capability

A wide range of compatible plate sizes provides flexibility for a larger number of presses.

Online plate punch option

Up to 10 sets of plate punches enables accurate online press plate punching for improved plate registration.