Fujifilm FLH-Z - ZAC Processor

Fujifilm FLH ZAC Plate Processor for low chemistry litho plates

ZAC plate processors are compatible with Fujifilm low chemistry, 'lo-chem' thermal plates that significantly reduce chemistry consumption and maintenance.

The award-winning FLH-Z Series of 'ZAC' plate processors is designed to be used with Fujifilm's low chemistry 'lo-chem' range of thermal CTP plates.

Each processor in the ZAC range incorporates Fujifilm's unique intelligent 'ZAC' microprocessor control system which helps achieve consistent, high quality plate production with minimal chemistry usage and maintenance.

Because of the way ‘ZAC’ processors intelligently control replenisher delivery, they are more stable making it much easier to achieve high quality, irrespective of changes to environmental conditions.

Fujifilm FLH-Z ZAC Processor - Brochure Download - View Video