Printing Press & Folding Machines Roller Services

Litho printing equipment roller recovering from Mayday Graphic Products

Roller recovering and replacement solutions for Litho press units, folding machines, and wide format printers

Mayday Graphic Products offer a comprehensive roller recovering service to the Graphic Arts industry, whether you are a Litho or Digital printer with presses or machines that require rollers to be recovered we can supply replacement or new rollers or, simply recover your existing worn rollers. All rollers are extensively serviced, restored and regenerated using the appropriate compounds that meet roller manufacturers specifications. For more information call Clive Allum directly on: 07557 281 479 or see the Mayday Contact list.

Other Applications

Mayday can supply and recover rollers for all types of print applications:

  • Litho, Sheetfed and Web Offset
  • Flexo and Gravure
  • Folding machines


Long maintenance intervals coupled with consistently high printing quality are key to operating a successful printing business in today’s commercial print market place.

In order to meet those requirements, it is important that printing press rollers are correctly maintained and recovered or, even replaced when signs of wear are noticed, impairing production quality.

Nowadays presses need to operate with rollers made up of specific compounds, such as rollers used for UV ink.  Replacement and recovered rollers from Mayday Graphics provide exceptional ink transfer properties combined with extended service due to specially formulated properties.

Due to increased tighter turnaround times, more and more often mineral oil based and UV ink are printed parallel to one another.

Switching between these inks can cause damage to conventional rollers, Mayday only use compounds that have been researched and tested in pressroom conditions and shown to offer chemical resistance against mineral oil, UV and hybrid inks, which work well with mixed application printing environments.

Hicky Removal

 Print quality can be compromised by dust particles accumulating on the paper during printing ‘hickies’ and can very quickly build up on the printing plate causing quality issues.

Hicky removal rollers for most press types from Mayday benefit from the arrangement of fibres in the roller compound, allowing for the continual elimination of these particles during printing, and are placed as an alternative to the first plate inking roller.

Ink Distribution / Transfer

The high performance compound used on these rollers ensures an even and optimal distribution of ink across the entire roller surface.

Alcohol Dampening

In today’s competitive printing industry performance and quality is a standard customer requirement, nowadays, poor print production is not an option.

Dampening rollers from Mayday consistently transfer uniform amounts of dampening solution as required by technically advanced printing conditions.  Providing outstanding results derived from intense development of the hydrophilic surface structure with an emphasis placed on optimising the effectiveness of the dampening solution.

Alcohol-Free Dampening

Dampening solution properties are changing dramatically due to the reduction and elimination of Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) used in print.

These issues have been overcome with rollers that have been specially designed for the reduction and elimination of IPA in mind.  The rollers are made from a compound that provides an additional function, to evenly distribute the solution over the entire surface of the roller.

The special properties allow for Pan Metering and Ductor rollers to continuously maintain the necessary level of dampening solution for optimal press performance and print quality.


Rollers are available for both water-based and UV coatings, with compounds developed to perfectly complement the coating used while maintaining the necessary Shore Hardness.