Duplo DB-290 Perfect Binder

DB 290 Perfect Binder

The DB-290 Perfect Binder now brings professional perfect binding commercial printers. This compact machine produces up to 200 books per hour and is the ideal solution for short-run, on-demand applications.

  • Side Gluing Feature performed by wheels with their own dedicated glue tank.
  • Produces up to 200 books an hour.
  • Up to 360 cycles per hour.
  • Notching & Roughing includes a double pass over the unique notching system to ensure excellent glue penetration.
  • Creates perfect bound, tape bound and padded books.
  • Clamping and nipping system for perfectly square spines.
  • Single-operator design and easy changeovers.

DB-290 Perfect Binder - Brochure Download | Video

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Stronger Perfect Binding - Better notching and roughing
The binding process on the DB-290 includes a double pass over its unique notching and roughing system to ensure excellent glue penetration. The DB-290 perfect binder has a wide notching blade that cuts deeper, wider notches into your book block, enabling the glue to penetrate deeper into the grooves, while the milling disk roughens the spine, creating a strong bind.

Improved Functionality - Side Gluing as Standard
The DB-290 offers side gluing as standard. This is performed by wheels with their own dedicated glue tank and enables the operator to use an EVA glue which dries quickly and enables your book to be cut to size quicker. The glue in the main tank can then be a different EVA glue which takes longer to cure, giving more time for the adhesive to thoroughly penetrate into the spine, resulting in a better perfect bind and squarer spines for your books.

Automatic Perfect Binding - Easy to operate
Anyone can use the DB-290 perfect binder. You don’t have to be a skilled operator to finish your own, high quality perfect bound book. The LED display panel guides the operator through the entire binding process. The DB-290 uses this ergonomically designed control panel for single-operator efficiency. The clearly marked LED display ensures more precise perfect binding settings and with a quick push of a button, you can convert and use the DB-290 for padding jobs.


  • Photographic albumsDB 290 Perfect Binder Brochure Applications
  • Medical, Scientific and Educational Journals
  • Paperbacks
  • Directories
  • Instruction manuals
  • Catalogues
  • Postcard Packs