Fujifilm Inkjet Jet Press 720 S

Fujifilm Jet Press 720S - see it in action at Jet Press LIVE July 19

What's the most efficient way to produce short run print? - Just send a PDF to the Jet Press and press 'Print'!

The perfect printing solution for 'die hard' litho printers! - No plates, no plate-setter, no processor, no make readies, no run up to colour and virtually no Pressroom consumables. Plus the ability to print on a wider range of paper stocks, and more print applications, all mean faster turnaround times, better performance Jet Press Open Day 18 July 2018and enhanced customer service.

Director at Fujifilm UK, Keith Dalton, said: “The quality produced by the Jet Press 720S is a match for the best offset can deliver. Add to this its flexibility and efficiency, adaptability to existing production environments and its ability to print on most standard offset papers, and it’s not hard to see why the Jet Press 720S is the leading inkjet press in this field.”
Missed the July event, then see the Jet Press in action at Jet Press LIVE Autumn 2018.

  • Produce efficient short run print
  • A wide range of applications
  • Outstanding image quality
  • Double-sided variable data handling
  • Use with existing B2 equipment
  • Finish like an offset sheet

The printed sheets are touch dry and in most cases can often be handled immediately, with print quality and consistency guaranteed, and no on-press tweaks necessary.  So, if you want to be uber competitive on short run print jobs, the Jet Press 720S is about as efficient as you can get.

The Jet Press 720S has the ability to print on a wide range of paper stocks means many new applications can be printed digitally that were previously impossible. In addition, the finishing possibilities are limitless, with the water-based inkjet ink performing better than a traditional offset ink in its ability to be folded, laminated, spot coated and finished in a multitude of ways.

Fujifilm Jet Press 720S - Brochure Download
Jet Press 720S on stand presentation at Drupa 2016 video - this is an excellent video, well worth watching.

A Wide Range of Print Applications

*Assumes 100 waste sheets per equivalent offset make ready.



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