Asphalt Walk Tex Walk

Asphalt Walk -  Tex Walk, printable non-slip vinyl for carpets

Asphalt Walk Tex Walk is the ultimate solution for carpet top graphic advertising applications.

Can be used as flooring graphics: on carpets with low pile, timber, floor laminates, polished concrete, smooth concrete and lino and features a textured non-slip surface, certificated to BS7976 & R11 non slip certification with no over laminate required.

Featuring an extremely, secure and slip-resistant surface, chemical resistance and longevity.

Asphalt Walk TexWalk provides a resilient, durable, slip-resistant surface ratted to BS7976 for a large variety of applications, while at the same time quick and easy to print on using UV Eco-Solvent, Solvent and Latex printers.

Tex Walk is designed to be used short to mid-term applications dependent on where the product is applied. The adhesive is for indoor use only. Durability Floor - 3-6 months depending on traffic volume

Printing Methods - Solvent and Eco Solvent - UV Curable - Latex - HP Latex certified.

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For further information, please contact the Mayday Office: 01284 701 571.

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