Asphalt Walk Carpet Walk

Asphalt Walk - Carpet Walk, printable non slip needle felt carpet

Asphalt Walk Carpet Walk is a NEW product, a non-slip Polyester needle felt for indoor and short term outdoor applications, it is printable for graphic advertising applications and has a B1 fire protection certificate.

This durable, printable needle felt carpet fabric can be rolled out just like carpet. Is perfect for trade shows and events where a non-slip printed surface is required. Carpet Walk can be easily rolled up after use, it leaves no residue once removed, when secured with CarpetTape, and can be rolled out re-used, again and again.

Can be printed with advertising signage and graphics for floor advertising, once printed Carpet Walk can be laid on many surfaces - timber, floor laminates, concrete, paving and lino and features a Polyester needle felt textured non-slip surface, certificated to B1 fire resistance.

Asphalt Walk CarpetWalk provides a resilient, durable, slip-resistant surface easy to print on using UV curable inks, Latex and Sublimation printing systems.

CarpetWalk has one-year durability (depending on proper use and mechanical influences) and can be used for short term outdoor applications.

Printing Methods - UV curable, Latex (higher abrasion) and Sublimation inks.

For further information, please contact the Mayday Office: 01284 701 571 -
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For further information, please contact the Mayday Office: 01284 701 571.

Jim Fox

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Richard Anderson

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Clive Allum

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