Asphalt Walk Star Walk

Asphalt Walk - Star Walk, printable non slip floor film

StarWalk is a laminated PET vinyl film with a silver metallized back that is designed for easy application on marble, polished & smooth stone floors, it can be repositioned and removed without leaving a residue.

The film is especially designed for indoor shopping malls and other locations that have smooth floor surfaces where floor signage and graphic advertising is required.

The especially for this kind of application designed adhesive, it has a felt low tack that is developing its full adhesive strength after 24 to 48 hours.

Due to the good repositioning ability and the low tack feeling at the beginning the application is even for inexperienced users very easy.

Can be printed with advertising signage and graphics for floor advertising, once printed Star Walk can be laid on many smooth surfaces, and features polyester slightly textured non-slip surface, with the benefit of R11 slip resistance certificate.

Asphalt Walk StarWalk provides a resilient, durable, slip resistant surface easy to print on using most printing systems.- View the full product range with Specification Sheets - Roll & Test Roll Size Chart.

View and download the R11 certificate and product information for Asphalt Walk StarWalk.

Printing Methods - Solvent , Eco-Solvent, UV curable inks and Latex inks.