Asphalt Walk

Asphalt Walk Classic, printable indoor and outdoor floor vinyl

Asphalt Walk is a product designed especially for floor and hard ground graphic art solutions and introduces a new concept for walkway and pavement advertising with a BS7976, insurance backed anti-slip rating. Better solutions for floor graphic applications especially good for outdoor advertising that requires the printed media to withstand heavy footfall and changing weather conditions.

Asphalt Walk products are environmentally friendly, having been designed and developed with the environment in mind. What’s more the best selling item within the range, Asphalt Walk is 100% recyclable.- View the full product range with Specification Sheets - Roll & Test Roll Size Chart.

Asphalt Walk products have been tested and approved for use in many countries. Watch the video here Video.

More importantly, however the product range is in daily use on surfaced based advertising applications worldwide, not only is Asphalt Walk successful when in use, its popularity for use by advertisers is growing all the time. Select and download Asphalt Walk product information here.

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