Fujifilm Imagine Jet Press LIVE  Event - 19 July 2018

Just Imagine if your business could achieve a lot more! - Find out how at Imagine the Possibilities LIVE - 19th July 2018 - Book Here.

As a litho printer, you will have of heard of the Fujifilm Jet Press 720S, the B2 inkjet press that prints litho quality. Now you can disciver the cost savings a Jet Press can provide using Fuji's 'getFIT' system.

Seeing is believing!

Experience for yourself ultra high quality print that rivals offset. Witness impressive productivity in action. And take a close-up look at the wide range of applications the Jet Press 720S can produce. 

  • See a demonstration of an end-to-end solution using XMF/Remote with a 'live' print job being printed.
  • Discover how XMF/Remote can automate production, saving you time and money, and transform your relationship with your customers.
  • Smartphone-2-Print - using the Fujifilm Imagine App attendees will have the opportunity to have photos on their smartphone printed on the day.
  • Find out how printers can print high-quality, short-run work and automate the production processes using an e-commerce system Pressero web-2-print.
  • Fujifilm can help potential Jet Press customers understand the cost savings a Jet Press can provide using the getFIT system.
  • Fujifilm can help a customer understand the cost savings a Jet Press can provide using the getFIT cost-saving system.
  • Q&A session with Kingfisher Press & Emmerson Press - their experiences using the Jet Press - by Marian Stefani from IPIA.

Imagine the Possibilities event agenda pdf.

Limited space, register to attend, reserve your place today.

For further information on this event, please contact:
Jim Fox: 07703 461 163 - Clive Allum: 07557 281 479
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