EFI VUTEk HS125 F4 LED UV curing hybrid inkjet printer

This report is about our customer's experience of their demonstration, purchase, installation & training of the EFI VUTEk® HS125 F4 as written by them.

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We were starting to have a backlog of print but still wanted/needed to turn over more work, so started to look round at printers. The ever-increasing cost of consumables and speed of our current kit was meaning we were not necessarily hitting the right price point and perhaps missing work that we would like. After seeing a few machines, but not being that impressed with either the speed, adhesion, or both, we were approached by Jim who said there was a new machine on the market and perhaps we would like to take a look. The machine came in on price point and quality, plus it could do roll work and sheet fed, so that was a huge bonus.

So, the trip was booked to visit Boston, USA for a few days, to see what it was all about and to investigate its adhesion and the manufacturing process. Upon arrival, we were greeted with what can only be described as something quite out of this world. A brand-new purpose-built facility on its own plot of land away from everyone else that even had a great big American highway leading to it. The machine looked tiny inside the test facility (something that we know it’s not when we look at dimensions) because everything was just so American, VAST.

All our sample material had arrived safe and sound, as had all the test files and everything was set ready to go. This wasn’t something I was accustomed to as at every other test I had been to, the machines were not ready completely or the files had to be manipulated, tick 1.

First, we tested a slowish speed (still something 4 x what I was used to) on foamex and then correx, quickly it became apparent that this does what it says on the brochure and then some. We ramped the speed up to full power (770 sq/m per hour) and on most of the artworks I had with me it was perfectly acceptable if not better than previously seen on other tests, but this is artwork and job dependant, tick 2!

The adhesion was outstanding and the best I have ever seen on correx (which is a very hard substrate to strike a happy medium on) with no loss of colour gamut or speed, tick 3.

From my test, there I decided that it was the best way for us to go, and it would be a very welcome addition to the family on the shop floor, to increase productivity and in turn, turnover and hopefully profit.

So, there it was, I placed the order verbally before getting on the plane to come home. After a few emails and going backwards and forwards the machine was signed for and put on the high seas.

Twelve weeks later it arrived outside our unit ready to be unloaded and installed. Again, another highly professional operation with very little or no hiccups providing everything is pre-planned and you stick to the list of things to do.

Within 8 days the machine was printing and after a further 2 of set up it was stable and producing boards for us, 1 week before it should have been and 3 days before my guys would even start the week of machine training.

This also isn’t something I’m familiar with like every other bit of digital kit has taken months to settle down and EFI gets everything running within 8 days, tick 4!

We are now (as I write this) out of the training period and running on our own steam. The machine has far exceeded all my expectations, cutting the production time on certain jobs from 8 hours to 45 minutes, yes 45 minutes!

We are looking forward to 2019 and especially the new relationship with EFI.

Thanks again to Jim Fox at Mayday Graphics for the introduction as without you we may have overlooked this great piece of kit.

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