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Mayday Graphic Products are able to offer competitive finance on most types of; printing presses, litho, digital, large & wide format, printing equipment, machinery (new or secondhand), RIP's and software.

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As a business person you will know there are many ways capital items can be purchased and funded, leasing is one of those and is available to buyers of new inkjet printers and inkjet printing finishing equipment from Mayday Graphic Products - Inkjet Media.

Below there are answers to the most frequently asked questions when it comes to using lease finance.

Leasing offers several key advantages when compared to buying equipment outright; it preserves your financial resources, improves your cash flow and capital situation, thus allowing you as a business owner to better plan for the future.

For further information, please contact the Mayday Office: 01284 701 571 -
Jim Fox: 07703 461 163 - Richard Anderson: 07867 459 266 - Clive Allum: 07557 281 479 - Stuart Dewar: 07867 454 438

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For further information, please contact the Mayday Office: 01284 701 571.

Jim Fox

07703 461 163

Richard Anderson

07867 459 266

Clive Allum

07557 281 479

Stuart Dewar

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